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From: Al Hartman <alhartman_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Jan 16 09:58:01 2003

> > I have a 200Mhz 6400 tower. Pretty nice machine,
> except that it lacks
> > ethernet. I've got it running MacOS 8.0, and until
> recently, I also had BeOS
> > on it. Runs both really well. Has a built in
> subwoofer for incredibly rich
> > sound. My main complaint: Other than adding RAM or
> PCI cards, upgrades are
> > nearly impossible with that impenetrable case.

There was a recent article in MacAddict that a model
of PCI Ethernet Cards from D-Link has MacOS 9/X

I've bought several and they work great!

And they are 10/100...

Model number is DFE-530TX+, I've bought them for under

Give it a go!

Al Hartman
(Macintosh Emulation List Host)

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