IBM 5322

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 12:05:33 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Wayne M. Smith wrote:

> The numbers indicate internal diagnostic tests. Here's what the numbers
> stand for:
> 01 CPU
> 02 ROS
> 03 Reserved
> 04 R/W Storage
> 05-07 CRT Controller
> 08 Page registers
> 09-19 ROS installed on planar board
> 1A-29 Feature ROS installed on I/O cards
> 2A-30 R/W Storage
> 31 R/W Storage Page Register
> 32 DMA Page Register
> 33 Interrupt Controller
> 34 Internal Timer
> 35 Keyboard
> 36 Printer Attachment
> 37 Diagnose Command to Printer
> 38 Diskette Attachment
> 39 +24 Volts to internal diskette
> 3A Second printer attachment
> 3B Diagnose CMD to Second Printer
> 3C Internal Wrap of Serial Interface Adapter
> 3D Open link to a 5247 [hard disk]
> 3E Check 5247 Disk unit for "ready" status
> FD System Diskette installation

Awesome! Thanks for typing that up.

Also, that is a pretty cool way to know how your system is doing when you
boot it up.

> According to the manual, the inverse video on the 35 means that you have
> a "jammed down key" that is being detected on startup. This may well be
> causing the "41".

This may be caused by the broken 0 key on the numeric keypad. The keycap
is missing and the spring is hanging out the tube that the key used to be
mounted upon. At any rate I think you are right that the 4A is an
artifact of the 35.

> The computer boots to BASIC, which is the OS. Try typing in a few lines
> when you get the PROC START screen. I have manuals. I also have

You mean instead of PROC START I can type something like:



> customer support disk, learning disk, etc. if you need copies. I also
> have an extra planar board (condition unknown) if you think it's a
> problem.

I don't think I have the Customer Support Functions disk so, yes, a copy
would be quite welcome.

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