Maxtor drive goes under

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 12:55:00 2003

Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
> I would say it is true in general that the luck of the draw is
> the case but having worked for a computer manufacture, I can
> tell you that at least one manufacture produced a line of drives
> that were pure junk. Most of the drives would not last a 36 hour
> running period ( well, not most but about 30% ). This is way
> beyond luck of the draw.
I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that you're talking
about Kalok. Their "Octagon" drives were notoriously unreliable. Yes, I have
first hand experience of one failing. Yes, I got blamed for it. "You broke
our Acorn A310?!?!" "No, I came in this morning, switched it on and it
sounded like a washing machine. Oh, and it wouldn't run Pendown" "Nonono,
YOU were the last person who touched it, so YOU caused the problem." That
particular conversation went downhill from there - the IT manager called the
local (and very friendly) Acorn dealer who confirmed that Kalok drives were
notorious for failing, etc, etc. And I never did get an apology for that

> The drive we were having problems
> with were 2 and 4 gig drives. These had a servo information
> corruption problem ( that by design would always fail over time ).
Guess that rules out Kalok then. They bit the big one in 1994, way before
2GB and 4GB drives started appearing...
To this day I refuse to touch Kalok drives, not that there's many of them
left. And if this bloody Seagate 52520 in my webrouter clunk-clicks once
more it's getting swapped out! $DEITY, this thing is almost as loud as the
Kalok was when it failed. Speaking of which, has anyone got a Kalok drive in
their collection? Dead or alive?

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