RK07 repairable?

From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz_at_unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
Date: Thu Jan 16 15:03:00 2003


I am a bit excited. Today I inspected a RK07 that I will get "delivered"
next week. It was stored in a garage for some years so there is some
minor corosion. Mostly the screws are covered with "white powder" and
the rack is a bit rusty. Most of the machanics seams to be made of
stainless steel and some casted metal (alu?) that isn't coroded. So I am
in good hope to get it working. My main concern is the glas plate from
the optical positioner that is broken off. I have the plate, it is still
intact. I "just" need to glue it back to the head assembly. But then, I
think, I would need to recalibrate the positioner or somthing. Is it
that simple? Or is this defect a show stoper? (I know to handle a
soldering iron and a oscilloscope.)

What makes me a bit excited is that I will get the machine that this
drive was connected to too. AFAIK there whas only a UNIBUS controller
for this drive. The previous owner of the RK07 says that the machine was
a PDP-11 but he don't know the exact model. I know that the "sister" of
this machine is a /34. This would fit to the description: Big 19" box
mounted in a "low boy" rack. I hope it is a /34. I am lusting for a non
microprocessor UNIBUS machine for quie some time.
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