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From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu Jan 16 16:34:26 2003

Actually I've recently considered unsubscribing. I really don't care
for DEC's, big iron or mini's, no disrespect to those who do collect
them, but I no longer have the time to wade through all of the traffic.
  I would really like to split the list into the "big iron" side and
"micro/workstation" side. I'm on some lists run out of the Low End Mac
site and really appreciate how Dan has divided his list by machine class
and topic.


J.C.Wren wrote:
> Yea, that's a for-sure assessment. If this is the case, then perhaps
> what's considered "Off Topic" needs to be severely revisited. I'm all for
> things CC related, but where do you draw the line? And I kind of figured
> that the electronics classes might draw it's own brand of off-topicisms.
> One can see a siderail into microcontrollers (they are computing devices,
> and they are over 10 years old). Does everyone else want to read about
> them? Or just "real" classic computers?
> My thinking it was more out of consideration for others than segration
> because y'all who don't subscribe are no longer good enough.
> --John
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>>>And while we're about it, let's also have
>>>IBM-maingrams_at_classicmp.org (so those who don't have room for such a
>>>machine don't have to read about them)
>>>Minis_at_classiccmp.org (so the home-computer enthusiasts don't have to
>>>read about PDP11s)
>>>PCs_at_classiccmp.org (so those who believe that no IBM clone is ever
>>>'classic' don't get bothered with messages about them)
>>>Metalwork_at_classiccmp.org (for people who want to make new mechanical
>>>parts for their printers and disk drives)
>>Wow, I've never seen my sarcasm meter quite so pegged. I
>>think it's broken
>>now due to overload *GRIN*
>>Jay West
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