Caption Competition! (bit OT)

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 17:57:20 2003

At 21:14 16/01/2003, John Honniball wrote:

>Adrian Vickers wrote:
>>Then come up with an amusing/apposite caption :)
>>Bonus points for anyone who can identify the make/model of machine she's
>>actually using. HINT: this photo was published circa. 1983, and is almost
>>certainly British.
>I think it's a Prestel adaptor made by Tandata. I had one, somewhere,
>in the original polystyrene packaging. There's one at Binary

Congratulations, I believe you win the bonus points - although TBH it's
impossible to make out exactly what the machine is, and there's a
disturbing lack of pictures of Prestel terminals out there on the 'net (so
c'mon Witchy, get some better pix of that Tandata of yours!).

For info, the pic is showing an early Home Banking system, which IIRC was
run by Natwest, or maybe Lloyds, or BoS; I forget now, and the picture
doesn't make it obvious.

My caption was:

"In the good old days, ladies operated computers side-saddle."

Cheers, Ade.
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