Update: BBC Acorn

From: Rob O'Donnell <rob_at_irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Thu Jan 16 21:38:34 2003

At 17:05 16/01/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> > > ARM Evaluation Kit
>I just checked - mine's S/N 0184 according to the label where the cable comes
>out. If that started at 0 I guess they made a few...

Hmm. That sounds like the PSU serial number. Mine is 0119. I have another
sticker on the underside o the box itself, full number
25-anc13-1000038. (Which
matches the format of the computer serial numbers.)

>I found the IEEE 488 interface too, which I also seem to have a
>polystyrene box
>for but no cardboard, manuals or disks. Curious. (no S/N or label of any kind
>on that, and I didn't feel like opening the case. I expect they made thousands
>of those anyway)
>No sign of the Z80 box I may of had, but it might be up in the loft.
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