Stock Ticker software early 80's and before

From: Jim Keohane <>
Date: Thu Jan 16 21:49:24 2003

     There were software products, often with required peripherals (satellite, FM broadcast, leased line, etc.), that allowed an Apple ][ or TRS-80 or IBM PC, etc. to access stock or commodity ticker feeds in a real-time manner and monitor trades for price, volume and other limits. If activity was outside specified range the user would receive an alert like a screen/printer message or an audible beep or both.

    Some products were Radio Data Retriever, Intra-Day Analyst, PC Quote, etc.

    I am looking for documentation, news articles, manuals, reviews, ads, user guides, brochures, etc. describing such products. Not limited to micros either. There was a MERLIN stock market database and timesharing service with such abilities on Burroughs mainframes plus other systems on proprietary terminal networks (Quotron, Bloomberg, Instinet, etc.) that may have such abilities too. Even brokergae firms must have had software with such abilities inhouse on mainframes and other systems.

    If you can point me to any docs reflecting state-of-the-art around mid '83 and earlier please let me know via

Thanks! - Jim

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