Michael Nadeau's Collectible Microcomputers book

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Thu Jan 16 22:04:00 2003

I'm just putting this out there, because I feel like it.

I got my copy of Michael Nadeau's "Collectible Microcomputers" book in
today. I have to say, I think it is well worth the price. The pictures
alone were worth the $30. I bought mine directly from him (something I
like to do when possible anyway... in the hope that it puts an extra
dollar in the author's pocket)

I spent a solid hour going thru it today at lunch. Just a basic skim over
it (well, ok, an hour's worth of skimming), and I just found it to be a
great memory kick. So many computers that I forgot about that I had at
one point either seen, played with, or heard of. I was also kind of
interested that in my basic scanning, it struck me that an odd number of
small computer companies were from New Jersey... weird (or maybe the NJ
ones just stood out to me more).

I also enjoyed reading the details about how some of these things came
about, and of course, like any junky, just reading the specs on each
computer (and looking at the dates these things were released). It is
mostly a field guide, so if you are looking for a story book, this ain't
it... but if you are looking to see a pretty decent list of computers,
specs on them, and many many pictures of them... ya can't beat it. Think
of it as the computer geek's version of a bird watchers guide book.

Its also just a great book to open at random, and thumb thru. Makes it
good "kill a few minutes waiting" book.

So this is my basic positive review for the book. I just wanted to give
an opinion other than Sellam's. (Nothing against his opinion, but I try
to watch where reviews come from, and when someone says something is
worth buying, and they are also selling that item... I take that into
consideration when I give their review weight).

If anyone hasn't bought it, and was waiting to hear other opinions, well,
you now have mine... I like it... its getting a prized spot in the
magazine holder in my bathroom (yes, that is a good thing... I do all my
best reading on the can).

My wife on the other hand hates it... I have done nothing but whine all
night to her about different computers I now want to track down and get.
She has already threatened to hide the book on me.

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