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From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Thu Jan 16 22:24:00 2003

>For instance, everyone take Mickey Mouse and do something with it: make a
>new cartoon, introduce new characters based on him, write new stories,
>draw him in porn, etc. If thousands of people did this and disseminated
>it over the web, Disney wouldn't be able to do anything about it but turn
>to the courts. The courts would have a mess on their hands because the
>only recourse would be to shut the internet down. It could force the
>issue. Maybe. It's an idea.

You really think the courts won't try to shut the internet down? Have you
not been following the RIAA and the MPAA's battle over P2P sharing...
that is EXACTLY what you are saying to do. Violate copyright on a massive
scale, and see what they do... the DMCA and other crazy laws are what
they do.

The real solution is for someone to grow a brain, and revise what is
determined as needing a copyright. I personally have no objection to
Disney keeping MM in their control. They still actively develop new stuff
using the character. I think it is quite fair for them to have exclusive
control over MM (and other things). But what needs to be done is revise
copyright, so things that are in use (and REALLY in use) can be
protected, and the rest of the stuff that has been abondoned will go
public domain.

This way, the junk the companies don't actively use or care about, can be
opened up for others to take advantage of, rather than being caught up in
the middle of the wars over the handful of stuff that is still used and
desired to be protected.

And that's all I will say on this about to be wildly out of control topic.

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