Update: BBC Acorn

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Fri Jan 17 01:58:00 2003

Rob O'Donnell wrote:
[Software for BBC Micros]
> www.8bs.com has a lot of stuff on it, but it's mostly public domain
> stuff, or magazine cover discs, etc.
There's also http://bbc.nvg.org - I've downloaded some ROMs from there and
programmed them into 27128s and, in one case, a 27256 (burned the 16k image
into the top and bottom halves of the ROM). Now my Beeb has copies of the
Advanced Disk Toolkit and Advanced Disk Investigator. I've got Colour
ScreenPrint 1.10 (anyone got a manual for that?), legal copy, plus a box
full of ROM cartridges. BTW, does anyone know what the small raised bar on
the EPROM sockets is for?
BTW, has anyone got a spare BBC Master Series User's Manual? The one that
covers the Master 128? I've got a copy of the Advanced User's Guide (the
revision that covers the Master - anyone got an errata sheet?), but no
regular BBC Master User's Manual. I'd also like to find out what ROMs the
ROM cartridges will accept - I've used 27128s and 27256s, anyone know if
anything else will work?

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