HD quality (was: Maxtor drive goes under)

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Date: Fri Jan 17 12:36:29 2003

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On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

> > The drive we were having problems
> > with were 2 and 4 gig drives. These had a servo information
> > corruption problem ( that by design would always fail over time ).
> Guess that rules out Kalok then. They bit the big one in 1994, way before
> 2GB and 4GB drives started appearing...

I'm going to guess Micropolis. Those drives were absolutely crap.

And then there was JTS...

Other than Kalok and JTS, the only drives I consistently had problems
with were the old ST-200 series Seagates. Mind you, they ran 24/7 for several
years, but ultimately all (4 or 5) developed the stickies. Always embarrassing,
because the systems were only shut down by me doing some kind of
maintenance or mods, the old "but it worked fine until you touched it"
syndrome. Fortunately, all they needed was a little prying & twisting with a
small screwdriver on the spindle to free them up, and remarkably, they
worked fine again with no problems or errors (to my great relief, and until
the next time I shut them down). No problems with the old miniscribes
though, still have a box full, all working, and no unusual failure rates with
Micropolis either; it really is a matter of personal experience, not very
meaningful statistically.

And Philip, I'm going to write you directly about that paper tape stuff as
soon as I sort it out; promise!

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