Mac SE/30 accessories availability?

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Fri Jan 17 15:49:01 2003

I had one of these SE30 video cards as well, complete with a jack in
the back for a Radius monitor. Wound up pulling it out of the machine
to install an ethernet board, and I can't find the video card anymore,
so I think I've thrown it out. The SE30 is still in service in our
basement, as a full member of our network. It's a little pokey and
won't run quicktime 5 at all, despite trying (I suspect the two color
video is the problem, really) but it goes, and iCab works on it. You
just have to be patient. :)

On Friday, January 17, 2003, at 12:40 PM, Simon Allaway wrote:

> Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> There was at least one video card made for the SE/30, I've got one in
>> mine,
>> and I've got a SCSI-to-Ethernet adapter for network access.
> I remember the first Mac I used back in '89 was an SE/30 with a
> grey-scale (8 bit) card made by RasterOps. It had a grey-scale monitor
> to go with it too. That was when the Apple LaserWriter had more RAM
> than the machine that was printing! Aaah, the smell of ozone.
> Simon
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