VXT X terminal question

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Fri Jan 17 17:36:00 2003

> And the MV3100m9{0,5,6} are identical to the
> VAX4000m10{0,5,6}. The difference is that the MV models can't
> use the QBus adapter (on the base
> board) and have no DSSI (on an opton board?).

The mainboards are the same (i.e. a KA50 *is* a KA52 etc.)
and there is a console test that switches the identity
back and forth. So if you switch the identity you can use the
Qbus interface and the DSSI. Obviously you have to have a
Qbus extension cable and some way of connecting it - the easiest
way is a VAX 4000-1xx cab :-) I don't remember whether
DSSI needs an additional board which is part of the VAX 4000-1xx
cab or whether it too just works.

> Sad that I have not the QBus cabling for my MV3100m95. A 83
> MHz NVAX (32
> VUPs?) desktop VAX wirh QBus would be nice.

It would indeed. The VAX 4000-1xx range is something that
I only rarely got to play on. But there are plenty of
other Qbus boxes around.


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