HP 5423A analyzer

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jan 17 21:38:18 2003


   Can you tell us more? These things show up frequently around here and no one knows anything about them or how to use them. I think the local military contractors use them in testing mechanical assemblies for resonant frequencies but that's just a guess.


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>Jay- you're on track.
>Simplistically- it's a low frequency spectrum analyser (FFT type)- coverage
>zero to 25 kHz and dynamic range of 80 dB(or thereabouts)
> But it's really a lot more than that as it's a two channel instrument and
>can do all sorts of other stuff as well.
>If you really don't want it I imagine you won't have too much of a problem
>selling it. Sort of thing I would have given my eye teeth for a while back.
> Now-- all the eye teeth have fallen out!!!
>Dave Brown
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>> I just receive an HP 5423A Structural Dynamics Analyzer. I have no
>> in it, but being curious, what the heck is it used for?? From googling I
>> the impression it does fourier modal testing?
>> Jay "Idly curious" West
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