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From: chris <>
Date: Fri Jan 17 23:11:01 2003

>To be honest, if I found a Lisa 1 for 10 bucks I wouldn't accept $1,000 for
>it.. I'd sell if for maybe a couple hundred, or preferably trade it for car
>parts/minicomputers/etc. I really wouldn't feel right about getting $1,000
>from another collector for something I got for so little... Now a reseller
>on the other hand...

On the Lisa 1 topic... I just found out tonight that I in fact DID used
to own a Lisa 1... I had always thought my only Lisa's were 2's and
MacXL's (of which I have none any more).

I was showing my brother my copy of Collectible Microcomputers, and he
looked at the Lisa pictures. He said he always thought the double
openings on the Twiggy disks were cool. I asked when he had seen one, and
he said that the first Lisa we bought had those drives.

I just about started crying. I could stomach the fact that all my Lisa
2's and MacXL's were either traded in or thrown out... but to now know
that a Lisa 1 was also scrapped... it just kills me.

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