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Date: Sat Jan 18 02:51:00 2003

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> Hey, let's get Michael Nadeau to help us test the Captain's theory.
> With his permission, we'll scan his entire Collectibel Microcomputers
> book into a pdf file and post it all over the internet. Michael, you
> don't need to worry about this because your sales are going to
> skyrocket just as soon as the book is made available to everyone for
> free!!!

Perhaps I'm in a tiny minority here, but if such a work did get
posted for free download, I would eventually buy the hard copy
anyway. Afterall, I frequently like to take a book or magazine
outside with me to read when I step out to smoke (and an American
Spirit or Dunhill can take 10 minutes or so to go through.) It would
be very impractical and silly to try to haul my PC out to the yard in
order to read an e-document during these downtimes. Likewise,
reading in bed or in the bathtub, or on the bus, or on the ferry, or
at the laundromat requires hardcopy as well. :)

I've been mentally compiling some other thoughts on this topic over
the past few days, and may post them later. :p

-- Scarletdown
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