Intellectual "PROPERTY"

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 04:41:47 2003

> Reading classiccmp today I wanted to puke. I'm sorry,
> I'm with Stallman, fuck the corporate spin-doctors.
> In the real world ideas are free and even Bob Dylan was
> noted for his free use of others material. "Intellectual
> PROPERTY" ? That's a lawyer's and corporate term. Meaning the
> extension of material possession law to
> ideas cause lord knows they've got property rights
> down to a science. The pharmaceutical companies
> almost patented the human genone but were prevented
> by a few alert clinicists. Monsanto is busy trying to tie
> up our very grain foodstuff, our health is held ransom to
> the corporations. And some little sucks that hope they
> can emulate Bill Gates are peddling this game ?
> Sony, MCA, and the music conglomerates got their
> "copyrights" by stealing the songs from the musicians
> and composers for the most part. There's a long history
> of poor jazz and blues musicians behind all those songs.
> And even McCartney and Jagger will admit that they
> copied American blues musicians in what they did.
> These sterling words that the creator of some idea should
> benefit from his creation are simply bullshit to provide
> cover for the suits who do benefit. For the most part they
> paid a (barely) living wage to the artists who did actually
> do the creative part, whether songster, cartoonist, writer,
> or coder. Even Edison and his company ripped off Tesla.
> Damn, what has the impersonality of computers wrought ?
> A generation of egocentric, alienated, individualists with
> some sort of subjective morality ? It's OK to do a bad
> thing if it furthers my objectives ?
> A world I never made ! GNU forever !
> Alt 2600 is looking good if I can just get by the spelling,
> the ingenuity, and "z" for "s".
> Get a new suit and eat more. You'll still die eventually.
> Lawrence

I think you left out the part about the fact that we stole the country
from the Indians.
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