Mac SE/30 accessories availability?

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Date: Sat Jan 18 05:34:01 2003

On Jan 17, 20:19, Brian Chase wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> > It's not just on a system like that. Earlier this week I got my first
> > system, a nice little O2. It's about the crappiest of the O2's, but
> > still a *very* nice UNIX workstation. I thought that it was doing OK
> > surfing until yesterday when I wanted to check something on gamespot,
> > absolutly crawled to a halt trying to render the pages (well the
> > did, the rest of the system was nice and responsive). I swear it took
> > to 10 minutes to get to the third page (the one that had the data I was
> > curious about).

Wow, that must have been some page! I use an O2 at work, and it's
generally pretty good -- but some versions of Netscape are definitely "less
good" than others. It's worth trying to get a recent version, or as an
alternative, I think some versions of Mozila do pretty well.

Make sure the O2 has plenty of memory. Adding 128MB made a huge difference
to mine.

> > I think I'll now run the browser on my Linux box and retarget it to the
> > SGI's desktop (at least until I get an Octane).
> I'll wait to get an Onyx. Actually, the Origin 2000s are quite lovely,
> too. They're still really off topic for this list.

Yes, though so is an O2, really. Actually, an Origin2000 won't run
Netscape much better than an O2 unless there's quite a discrepancy in the
processors. My Origin2000 (8 x R10K _at_ 180MHz) can be outdone (for
Netscape) by a fast R10K O2. And of course most O2000s have no display.
 But if I use an old Indigo Elan for the display, it speeds up
dramatically, compared to using other displays.

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