Maxtor drive goes under

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 08:10:28 2003


do you have specs for these drives ?
I have got a Micropolis 1222-I drive but there's nothing to find about it in
the net.
All I would like to know is the interface (SA1000?) and the voltages needed
for the power connector.


> I'm going to guess Micropolis. Those drives were absolutely crap.
On the other hand, older Micropolis drives -- the 8" 1200 series, weren't
too bad. I've had electronic failures on them, but they're mostly
standard chips, and there's a handy diagnostic connector that you can
connect a lights-n-switches box to to find out what the main problem is.
Siad box is _very_ easy to make...

THe only problem with the 1200 series is the servo power amplifier. It's
an LM379 chip -- a dual 6W audio amplifier (now, what was somebody saying
about no audio amplifier discussions here :-)). A standard part at the
time, but just try finding one now. And this circuit uses a feature of
the 379 -- namely that the bottom end of the output stages are brought
out separately -- to monitor the servo coil current. About the best
replacement is a pair of mono audio amplifier chips, I think.


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