SGI Discussions? was Re: Mac SE/30 accessories availability?

From: David Holland <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 11:59:00 2003

Wot about SGI Crimson's? (Or in my case, a Power Series frame, w/
Crimson boards in it) Or are they too new (and LARGE :-) ) for the

(Now for the possibly Off List questions of my post)

I'd like to get hold of a Reality Engine for it as mine (alas) only has
a VGXT boardset. Anyone know where I could find one?

I'd also be interested if anyone has interfaced a Sun Type 5 mouse to
it, as they look like they use the same protocol, just one is +5v logic,
the other is RS232? (Maxim's MAX232's sound vaguely useful, but they're
hard to find around here in 1sie 2sie counts)

(The optical mouse I have for it is in too bad a shape to be really
usable anymore - the felts shot, and it sticks to the metal plate/mouse
pad too much for my tastes.)

The whole thing that torque's me off the worst about it is.. its 3x's
bigger than my PC, and its 3x's quieter... :)

Anyways, If I'm off list focus, someone point it out to me, and I'll
hush, and wait for the Apple II stuff to respond too.. :-)


On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 23:19, Brian Chase wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> > It's not just on a system like that. Earlier this week I got my first SGI
> > system, a nice little O2. It's about the crappiest of the O2's, but it's
> > still a *very* nice UNIX workstation. I thought that it was doing OK at
> > surfing until yesterday when I wanted to check something on gamespot, it
> > absolutly crawled to a halt trying to render the pages (well the browser
> > did, the rest of the system was nice and responsive). I swear it took close
> > to 10 minutes to get to the third page (the one that had the data I was
> > curious about).
> >
> > I think I'll now run the browser on my Linux box and retarget it to the
> > SGI's desktop (at least until I get an Octane).
> I'll wait to get an Onyx. Actually, the Origin 2000s are quite lovely,
> too. They're still really off topic for this list.
> -brian.
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