"Piracy" (was: Unauthorized copying

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sat Jan 18 14:59:01 2003

>It is commonly believed that the very first time that unauthorized copying
>of software was called "PIRACY" was the open letter by Bill Gates.
>Does anybody have an earlier referrent?

When was that letter?

I remember using the term back when I traded software with friends on the
Apple II. So probably early 80's. I'm not sure where I heard it first,
but I suspect from one of the people I used to trade with (who probably
got it from a BBS or elsewhere).

I seem to even recall a duplication program that I used to use that was
quite good at getting around copy protection, was called something like
"The Pirates Friend". I'd have to go thru old software floppies to locate
it and confirm the name, but I do think it used pirate in the name.

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