Apple 1 schematics

From: chris <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 16:31:00 2003

>A: Yes.
>B: Google is your friend.

Oh look at that... tons of hits.

Gee, I figured it might be the kind of thing that Apple would have
protected... maybe it was the thread on copyrights just soured me into
forgetting that not everything in this world is locked away in a vault.

>It's *extremely* difficult to find some of the Apple I parts, which have
>been out of production for over years. Particularly the seven 1024-bit
>MOS shift registers, and one hex-40-bit MOS shift register.

Bummer! Maybe Tony will chime in with a list of readily available, drop
it alternatives... or the plans to make replacements using common
household cleaning products :-)

>Not quite, since they had a PCB. (Unless you plan to lay out a PCB

I really hadn't thought that far in advance.... I was honestly under the
wrong impression that the Apple 1 plans would be hard to come by.

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