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From: JP Hindin <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 16:51:07 2003

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Brian Chase wrote:
> On 18 Jan 2003, David Holland wrote:
> > Wot about SGI Crimson's? (Or in my case, a Power Series frame, w/
> > Crimson boards in it) Or are they too new (and LARGE :-) ) for the
> >
> > I'd also be interested if anyone has interfaced a Sun Type 5 mouse to
> > it, as they look like they use the same protocol, just one is +5v logic,
See below;

> > (The optical mouse I have for it is in too bad a shape to be really
> > usable anymore - the felts shot, and it sticks to the metal plate/mouse
> > pad too much for my tastes.)
> I'll see if we have any spare older mice. I know at least with the Indy
> and Indigo2s onward they all used regular PS/2 mice. I'm not sure about
> the Onyx systems, or the gear predating the mid-1990s time frame. My
> introduction to SGI equipment came around 1994 or so.

The SGI Crimson uses the same proprietary mouse/keyboard as the Indigo and
its predecessors, the power series and other personal iris'. The Onyx uses
the PS/2 keyb/mice like the Indy.

You can convert other early SGI keyboard/mice to work with an Indigo (and
thusly, Crimson)... Requires some pinout fiddling.
You can also convert a Sun-3 mouse to work as an Indigo mouse, however I
don't believe any keyboards which exist by other makes can be converted.

If you google for 'This Old SGI' you will find some info about the earlier
SGIs keyboard/mice, which may be able to help you.

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