Results: VXT X terminal question

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 17:53:12 2003


Took some fiddling with boards and a firm kick to the monitor,
but... we haveth resulths.


Server1: VAXserver 3100, OpenBSD/vax V3.1
Server2: VAX 4000-100, OpenSD/vax V3.1

Client1: VAXstation 3100-M38 [SPX], VR219-D3
Client2: VAXstation 3100-M76 [SPX], VR219-D3

Server2 is the boot server which runs [my version of] MOPD, and which
is the load host here for the VAXlab network. It has no probs booting
the terminal servers, DECnis 600, the VXT2000's and all VAXen I have.

When booting the M76 with the VXT (V2.1) load image, nothing happens
after the load image has been loaded. In other words, it dies when

When loading the M38... _it_works_ !
The VXT software "detects" a VT1300 with SPX and 16MB, and happily runs.

So.. heh. Now, to find out what is happening with the M76...

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