Dear Santa, I would like a Yamaha CX5M ...

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Sat Jan 18 20:40:01 2003

on 1/18/03 8:18 PM, Cameron Kaiser at wrote:

> Anyone ever seen someone out there trying to get rid of a Yamaha CX5M? It's
> about the only MSX machine I have significant curiosity about due to its
> specialised music abilities.

I have one in storage. I've always wanted to get it running, because it
looks like an interesting little machine. Found it at Goodwill. I'm thinking
I'll keep it for the time being, but may eventually get rid of it. If and
when I do I'll let you know. Do you know anything about it?

Owen Robertson
Received on Sat Jan 18 2003 - 20:40:01 GMT

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