INRE: XT Motherboard

From: Allan Gabston-Howell <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 02:31:08 2003

I *can't* believe I'm actually doing this.....I'm in a situation wherein I
need the MB, if you still have it.

How's it outfitted? uP and memory, is what I'm thinking of; and does it have
the standard 8-expansion slot count?

If you still have it, please do let me know, and I'll get back with you
quickly. Unfortunately, time is pushing me in this situation.

Also, if you *happen* to have a CGA video adapter with at least RGB DB-9
output, composite out (RCA) would be cool, but not necessary. I'd like to
get ahold of it at the same time.
Allan Gabston-Howell
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