Apple Macintosh- where would this be useful?

From: JoŽl Weber <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 05:56:37 2003

hello, i want to open a museum, do you want give me this computer?
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  Subject: Apple Macintosh- where would this be useful?

  I have a 13 year old apple macintosh that works like a dream. It's loaded with programs, and this great little machine got me through law school and helped me launch my career. When my employer switched over to a compaq system, I could no longer use this machine to work on projects at home and was forced to pick up an etower package instead. For the last 5 years, it's sat in my basement waiting. Everything works perfectly, including the printer, and all of the parts are original. Any tips on where I might take this machine so that it can be used? It's a shame to let it sit here and rot.

  Ken Donchatz

  Columbus, Ohio

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