PET 2001 oddity

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 12:20:00 2003

--- M H Stein <> wrote:
> Ethan: thanks for the info; I've never seen a
> dynamic RAM 2001N, although a friend of mine
> home-brewed a static > dynamic conversion.
> 4032s of course, but I take it you're talking
> about a real small-B/W-screen 2001.

Yep. BASIC 2.0, no CRTC, 16 x 4116, full-sized graphic
keyboard. I recently found out that mine was somewhat
unusual. It has a low serial number (under 500, not
counting prefix numbers), and I don't think they made
too many of them.

I got it nearly new (customer return to the dealer in
the first 90 days) around 1978/1979 for about $1,100,
including a C2N tape drive. Up until recently, the
only things I have had to fix were worn keys from too
much space invaders ($35 for a replacement PCB in 1980)
and the $C000 ROM died on me a few years ago. Lately,
the whole thing has been flakey and I'm about to remove
all the 40 and 28 pin sockets and replace them with
machined-pin ones.

This is the one that I used to verify that my port of
Zork from the C-64 to the PET was mostly successful. I
still have a bug or two to iron out relating to how the
editor firmware links lines together.

> I sometimes toy with the idea of building
> a PET using modern chips; shouldn't be too
> big a deal (very low on my to-do list though).

I have thought of that as well... Embedding the entire
video circuit in an FPGA wouldn't be too hard. Given
the size, though, embedding the PIAs and VIAs might be
handy, too, but that's a lot of pins, and it's not
like they aren't available still.

Way too much work for me, though.

> One of my PETs, with an MTU graphics board,
> is dead as well; this discussion just might
> motivate me to have a look at it.

I always wanted one, but never could afford it. Not sure
what I would have done with it, so I guess it's probably
for the best that I spent my money/effort elsewhere 20 years


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