SGI Discussions?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 13:24:00 2003

>On 18 Jan 2003, David Holland wrote:
>> Wot about SGI Crimson's? (Or in my case, a Power Series frame, w/
>> Crimson boards in it) Or are they too new (and LARGE :-) ) for the
>> list?
>Pfft! You call that large!? There are plenty of folks on this list
>who'd mock the relatively dainty size of the SGI Power Series frames.
>There are people on the list with IBM mainframes, PDP-10s, big VAXen,
>and a few Crays.

No, I call that to large for me. It would take away space from what little
room I have for my PDP-11's and VAXen :^) I for one will stick with
systems such as the O2 and Octane when it comes to SGI!

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