Apple 1 schematics

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 16:33:23 2003

J.C. Wren wrote:
> No, I meant that the board only has components on one side, unlike a
> few
> custom through-hole boards I've seen, and more and more surface mount
> type boards.
> I wonder what CAD system they used to lay it out with.

CAD system? ROTFL! That was done entirely by hand. Apple didn't have
any money for CAD systems, or to contract out the work to people who did.
Woz didn't even have an assembler to use when he was developing the monitor
and BASIC interpreter; he had to hand-assemble it.

I'd heard that Ron Wayne (the lesser-known of the three Apple founders)
designed the board, which would have made sense because he designed boards
for Atari, and the layout style of the Apple I board was very similar to
those of Atari boards of that era. However, recently I asked Woz about it,
and he said that it was NOT designed by Ron.

Ron *did* write the Apple I manual, and he designed the original Apple
logo (Newton under the Apple tree).
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