Intellectual 'PROPERTY'

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Sun Jan 19 23:53:00 2003

You can enter "american" in a search but all reponses will respond corrected
with "American."
Please provide a link to it otherwise.

Maybe Unix shouldn't take the full blame for this liberalization in the use or
lack thereof of
capiatlization of words; but what is clear is that just because the ASCII
presentation of
letters for uppercase and lowercase differ by one bit we have a tendancy to
lose the
distinction of word(s) meaning based upon capitalization. I think that English
teachers need to
address this in a neo technical world.

Eric, just because a search engine doesn't kick back "american" as wrong
doesn't make it's
lower case spelling right.


Eric Smith wrote:

> > "American" is always capitalized.
> Of about seven dictionaries I've now checked, four online and three paper,
> four do not always capitalize "american". It is clear that "american"
> is not always capitalized.
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