Got the second batch of -11 equipment

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 00:45:01 2003

--- Witchy <> wrote:
> > ...on some drives. I have two RL drives here that don't have the
> > little release hatch.
> I didn't know that - all the drives I've come across in all me years
> working for VARs I've not come across a drive that didn't have the
> access panel. Are yours older drives? Maybe the panel was added later
> because getting the lid open without it is a right royal PITA.......

I have both types. AFAIK, the older drives did _not_ have the
access panel, and this goes double for RL01 drives (of which I
have several, since they were "cheap"* when I was into collecting
stuff for my PDP-8 in college, c. 1985)


* - "cheap" meaning that the drives cost the same or less than the
shipping. :-( During the same timeframe, RL02 drives were still
current and selling new for well over $1,000 USD.

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