Dear Santa, I would like a VAX....

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Mon Jan 20 13:04:00 2003

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>>>Frankly, the 8800 is too big, but that is too small...
>>Then I guess you need to aim for one of the VAX 4000
>>series, but shipping on those will be pretty
>You're not kidding - not so long back a local college I do work for decided
>to toss their 4000-500 plus RRD42 and TLZ06; fortunately I was there at the
>time with a suitably sized estate car (station wagon for our US readers) so
>2 of us managed to lift it into the back. When I got home I had to
>completely strip it down in situ just to lift the bits out on my own and get
>it in the house. In my reseller days the 4000 series were delivered on a
>pallet with extra ramps to allow you to wheel the machine down to ground
>level and now I know why :)
>Spent a happy couple of hours or so tonight getting my Alpha 3000-400 and
>uVAX 3100-90 going again after a few months in storage, and I wish we could
>afford the power to have 2 webservers going at the same time! Since we moved
>into this house we've doubled our power requirements just for heating and
>lighting; 3 machines going at the same time hasn't helped, so an extra VAX
>sized load on things *definitely* won't help :)
If you have electrical heating (as opposed to gas/coal/oil/...), then
the VAX will not cost any more. Electricity generates the same amount of
heat per kilowatt, no matter how is used. It will not cost any more than
the electrical heating units for the same amount of power. Only problem
would be moving the heat to the proper location, and regulating it. ;-)

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