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Date: Mon Jan 20 13:49:01 2003

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> As a conservative Republican who voted for both Bushes, and will vote for
> this one again, and as a Texan...

As a Texan, and a Libertarian, statements like this really scare the livin' [insert expletive of choice] out of me! As a former Republican precinct chaiman, ballot judge, and county elector, I became very uncertain of the party's platform direction change in the mid '80s, and left it cold with the end of the Reagan presidency. Bush senior was a controlled wimp. "W" is little more than a mouthpiece for some very scary people; and, to quote a favorite movie passage: "...appears before congress like the little orphan boy, Oliver, saying: 'Please, Sir, I'd like some more...' " Presently, I vote independently -- supporting neither party...



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