Help for Obedient Husbands (was: Free stuff)

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Date: Tue Jan 21 21:29:00 2003

My collection of computers and related parts currently fills two bedrooms
of a three bedroom house and is now extending into the front room. My
Wife has earned the capital W by doing nothing more than sighing softly
as I enter the house with my latest treasures. The only time she ever
complained was when I was porting a set of Olds 455 heads in the front
room (Hey it was cold outside <grin>)


>> The following hard drives were delivered to me yesterday, much to my
>> Wife's dismay, and are looking for homes. All are supposed to function

From: "R. D. Davis" <>
>Oooohhh! ...does she makes you capitalize the 'W' in wife? ...poor
>chap. :-( Perhaps you need to find her a new home instead, and keep
>the hard drives, as you never know when you may need them. Or, you
>could keep her as well as the drives, but you may need the help of an
>assertiveness training course for that option... I think that an
>organization called OHA (Obedient Husbands Anonymous) may be able to
>help you. ;-) Best of luck!

>> Also received a bunch of miscellaneous chips and cards that I need to
>> sort and identify that will be available

>See above. You may be able to keep those as well...
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