Any Cromemco USERS?

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 00:09:33 2003

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Subject: RE: Any Cromemco USERS?
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:31:19 -0500

> Just curious; is anybody actually using a Cromemco system
> out there, running either CDOS, Cromix or Unix? Or does
> anyone at least have one in running condition?

I have an IMSAI chasis stuffed with cromemco boards. I run CP/M
on it... but I don't think there would be a reason it wouldn't run
a cromemco OS. It has a CPUZ, a 16FDC, a 64KZ and a TU-ART in it.
No, unless there are some unusual mods, I'd think that a set of
Cromemco boards would run a Cromemco OS just fine. BTW, I
assume you mean a ZPU? I'd be interested in knowing how you
got CP/M onto the Cromix diskettes and configured for its memory
model? TM100 drive(s) I assume?

One of my systems is in a Vector chassis, because it's easier to
work on and the fans are quieter.

Anyway, just curious; always surprised me that there seem to be
so few Cromemco fans and how little info there seems to be,
especially about the later Unix models which could give DEC a
run for their money. Just wanna swap tales I guess.


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