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Date: Wed Jan 22 00:20:35 2003


Do you have any idea whether the 5114 works?


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> Hi gang,
> I need to make room (don't we all)
> I have a 5110, 5103, 5114 trio with documentation.
> The 5110 is believed to be non-working, I get garbage on the
> display when turned on. The display changes when switches a
> toggled but I was unable to get it to behave like a normal
> computer. I have a troubbleshooting guide that when followed
> says replace video card (Got a spare?). I have a bunch of
> documentation for it and a few floppies. I think it is a 32K
> basic system (no tape). I would love to replace it with * W0W
> RaRe*(TM) flavors of pocket computers or programmable
> calculator (c programmable like the casio 2000 currently on
> ebay with the 3 1/2 disk interface would be very sweet, HP
> 16c would be nice too). Or other cool small items I'm also
> into console collecting( 3do, CDI, CDx, Lynx, jaguar) ... I
> am pretty open to any suggestions or offers. Of course you
> would have to pick up shipping from Minnesota (hefty given
> the size of the disk drive and the printer) I will gladly
> forward pictures to any interested party. Thank you Francois
> PS: I will not separate the items.
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