Quasijarus 4.3BSD on 1600bpi magtape

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jan 22 02:37:01 2003

--- Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG> wrote:
> Clayton Frank Helvey <msspcva_at_yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Mike, FYI this is what John wrote...
> Thanks for translating!
> John Willis <jwillis_at_arielusa.com> wrote:
> > Awesome. I don't have the drive yet, but it seems to
> > me to be the best
> > option for getting BSD loaded on my VAX 11/750.
> It's the only proper way!
> Are you going to load the copy and boot standalone programs from the
> first file on the magtape or from TU58? The first option is obviously
> easier...

And historically common for VAXen (not for PDP-11s... see below...)

> ... although I do have an image from which you can write the BSD install
> TU58.

That'd be handy, even if you have to use a TU58 emulator (there are
several, hardware based and software based).
> But if you are going with the first option, your tape drive on the 750
> must be non-TMSCP, as there is no toggle-in bootstrap for TMSCP.

Is there a "toggle-in" VAX bootstrap for a TS-11 or TU-80 or for
anything for that matter? Between 1984 and 1994, I installed a lot of
operating systems on PDP-11s and VAXen, and my experience is that
for VAXen, the magtapes were never bootable - you booted a console
floppy/tape/disk pack/whatever that had drivers for pre-TMSCP
tape drives (MT and MS) and you told the standalone programs which
disk to copy to and which tape to copy from (our primary machine
at work had a MASSBUS-attached TU-78 and a Unibus-attached TU80 - I
kept the TU-80 ;-)

In the case of PDP-11s, the magtapes _were_ typically bootable - you
had to grab either an MT or MS-aware tape before beginning. This goes
for DEC stuff like RSX and RSTS as well as 2.9BSD, the PDP-11 Unix I
have the most experience with.

Things changed a bit with MicroVAXen - early OS kits assumed RX50, later
ones assumed TK50, but never magtape.

> I've added two blocks for MicroVAX booting in front of the first file on
> the dist tape, but didn't update the Installing and Operating manual...

You will probably have to cruft up something close to that, but one
aware of the 11/750 if you are going to make a bootable magtape.

Never seen it done, but that doesn't mean that it _can't_ be done (with
a little extra work).


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