Heathkit H-11A (LSI-11) on eBay

From: Messick, Gary <Gary.Messick_at_itt.com>
Date: Wed Jan 22 07:42:00 2003

> From: Ethan Dicks [mailto:erd_6502_at_yahoo.com]
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> Subject: Re: Heathkit H-11A (LSI-11) on eBay
> --- Steve Jones <classiccmp_at_crash.com> wrote:
> > Be interesting to see what happens with this: Heathkit H-11A
> > (DEC LSI-11) with no peripherals but lots of manuals and some
> > software on paper tape and 8" floppy.
> Wish I had the docs... got the box, but virtually nothing on paper.

Ethan, as you probably know I have an almost complete set of Docs for my
H-11. I have all the peripheral cards manuals, HT-11 V2 Docs (Maybe even
V1.) H-27 disk system with docs, and HT-11 disks. I haven't got it back
running yet (haven't had time lately.) so I don't know the state of the
disks. If anyone needs any manual scans, or other info on the H-11, drop me
a line, I'd be happy to help.

I DID throw away my H-10 punch, and all the software/docs when I got my
disk. DOH! Live and learn!
> I do have at least one unassembled Heath I/O card (and several that
> _are_ assembled).
> Gotta spend some time twiddling with the H27 disk controller. I
> _think_ I have it sussed out at last. It works fine with an RXV11
> and an RX01, but I've had nothing but troubles getting the Heath
> disks working.
> > Hey, the Buy It Now price is a very reasonable US$6,900! ;^)
> Hold me back! :-)
> I notice that the bid is nearly up to $1K.
> Does anyone on the list have any PDP-11 papertape? I don't mind
> image files of the data - I have punches and blank tape.
> -ethan
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