Ressurecting Mac Plus

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Date: Wed Jan 22 11:45:01 2003

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> Hi all,
> I've got a Mac Plus I got of Ebay some time ago. Anyone any idea how I
> can (legally) obtain an OS for it? I'd like to add a HDD to it; I've an
> old 600Mb in an external box lying around, am I going to be able to use
> this (even if I only get a 20/40/80Mb partition on it I'm a happy
> chicken.).

Go to Apple's website and dig down in the downloads section - they've got
(or did have last year) all versions of MacOS from v1 up to 7.5. The
software license normally says that if you own a Mac you can download the
OS. If they haven't got older versions any more I've got 'em all here :)


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