VAX VMS Question

From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 13:11:43 2003


this doesn't sound like a real classic computer problem to me (are your
components at least ten years old?), but you may want to check

for answers. We had all odd kinds of similar problems until we found out
about how important correct settings (full/half duplex, 10/100Mbits,
auto-negotiate or not...) on switch ports are. These problems are not
limited to any particular hardware or platform.

Fixing the settings as directed by the Cisco documents solved all the
problems and gave us a great boost in transfer rates.


Lindahl, Carl wrote:
> Does anyone have a VAX running VMS connected via ethernet to a Cisco 2950
> series switch? I have had the VAX connected to a 2900XL series switch for a
> year with no problem, but in doing upgrades, moving it to the 2950 has
> caused major character delays, and other problems between the VAX and
> clients connecting to it. Everything else connected to the switch is working
> fine.
> Thanks
> Carl Lindahl
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