A plea to classiccmpers

From: Daniel Hicks <danielrhicks_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Jan 22 14:14:37 2003

> There's nothing wrong with Hotmail. And, of course, I realize this
> Personally, I prefer not to conduct my correspondence thru a barrage of
> animated adverts and relentless popups and other Crapola - YMMV

I am actually using Outlook Express 6.0, not the Hotmail website. Simply
setup a new account, and OE syncs and downloads the mail in your Hotmail box
to your local computer. Agreed, Hotmail, Yahoo, and the rest all have too
many advertisements, but I use this one so as not to distribute my real,
personal email account. There ... I included only the text that I was
replying to, and not the entire message.
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