laptop wanted; toshiba T1100+ questions

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 17:46:00 2003

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, gil smith wrote:
> 2) I recently got a toshiba T1100plus which seems to work well (except for
> Also, when I run format on the machine (with 3.3), it formats the disks to
> 300-something KB instead of 720KB. Running format /? does not seem to list
> help info on the 3.3 dos, as it does on other versions I have used. I can
> format a 720K disk on my win98 desktop machine, but I am wondering why dos
> 3.3 is formatting to less that the drive can handle. Anyone with Toshiba
> dos 3.2 out there?



FORMAT /T:80/N:9

It doesn't KNOW that you have a drive other than 360K. The configuration
data stored in CMOS didn't come about until 80286 machines. That's what
DRIVPARM is for.

IIRC, Toshiba had an MS-DOS 3.31 of their own.
ALL versions of MS-DOS < 5.00 were specific to, and sold by, machine
manufacturers. There was NO generic MS-DOS < 5.00.
3.20 was the first version of MS-DOS and PC-DOS for which all versions
supported 3.5" drives. (Any support for 3.5" < 3.20 is a custom
modification for a specific machine)
2.11 and 3.31 were the most heavily customized.
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