A plea to classiccmpers

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Wed Jan 22 19:47:00 2003

> Oh, and why did you include the entire message you're comemnting on here,
> rather than the one or 2 lines that were relevant? And why do you top-post?
> -tony

I've come to the realization that top-posting is yet another sin that
Microsoft needs to answer for! In MS LookOut, it expects you to top-post to
replies (I suspect this is yet another MS ploy to waste disk space[1] as I've
also observed that people using MS LookOut tend to not know how to trim


[1] Just how much Stock does Microsoft and it's employee's have in companies
that make Hard Drives? This is the only logical explaination for MS being
such a waste of disk space.

[2] Please note these observations are not targeted at anyone on this list,
as I've made the observations elsewhere.
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