AXPpci33 progress

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jan 22 21:16:00 2003

OK... thanks to all who replied. First, I have managed to update
my firmware to the latest one from the HP website (AXPpci33 Common
Console X4.7-1860) by means of the mkboot program I found for DOS
under the instructions for a different machine (rawrite did _not_
produce a bootable floppy). Second, I have dropped in a pair of
8Mx36 SIMMs (32MB each), giving me 96MB. None of my 64MB SIMMs
are recognized as more than 16MB. They all have fast-page chips,
(as far as I can tell), two have nothing but DRAM, 6 have a single
logic IC per side in addition to the 36 RAM ICs (either a pair of
74FCT2827s or a pair of ABT16244s, whatever they are). But in any
case, they are true parity, not logic parity. Third, I have determined
that I do not own a compatible Ethernet card - my "tulip" cards are
too new (21143 chips), apparently; and I don't have any DEC ISA NICs.

So... at least with the latest firmware, I have verified that my
64MB SIMMs are of no use in this board, but at 96MB, that's enough
to go play. I'm off to follow the Multia instructions in the OpenVMS
FAQ and see if I can drop OpenVMS 6.1 on this thing. It'll make a
nice low-power pal to my DEC 4000.

Thanks again for all the tips.


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