Top Posting, was Re: A plea to classiccmpers

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 09:03:00 2003

> Top posting is quite appropriate when not responding to specifics, and
> if someone needs to remember the context, they can scroll down. Having
> to unnecessarily scroll down is a major pain in the backside!!!!!!
> Generally speaking, I won't bother to read posts that start out with a
> lot of quoting rather than the meat of what someone is trying to say.

Top-Posting vs. After-Quote: Well, the closest 'real' life
equivalence I know are protokolls in radio communication as
for example used in the service, where (according to the
situation) you have to repeat the Question/Order/Whatever
before ackknowledgeing or answering.

As you know, I prefer In-Band responses, since this is the only way
to get an easy and reproduceable reference. Now, if the a response
has no relation/reference to information in a prior mail, quoting
is useless at all. So the original post doesn't need to be duplicated.

Aren't there even two types of header reserved for message linking ?
In-Reply-To and Reference ? I don't know if the list manages the
headers, most mailers can do so. If correctly set, all you have to
do is following the presented link - pr put your reader in threaded
mode and you'll follow a mailing list as you do on a news group.

In-Band response is also close to the other form of opinion vs.
opinion text I know, the way you'll write a statement to someone
elses work, for example in a book, when you try to show specific
points of another persons work.


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