BBC Micro - assemblers - info needed

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Date: Thu Jan 23 12:52:52 2003

On Jan 23, 8:42, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> > Silly question; why don't you use the assembler built into BBC Micro
> > used this for years for many serious programs and never had a
> (I
> > should be able to remember how to use it still!)
> Because I hate having to write a BASIC backend to get the assembler to
> then there's code relocation issues if I want to make Paged ROM images...
> For those things, an assembler is much easier.

The "backend" part is hardly onerous, and the ability to do all sorts of
tricks makes it a pretty good macroassembler. As for relocation, that's
why you use both P% (program counter) and O% (where the code will be

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