BBC Micro - assemblers - info needed

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 16:37:00 2003 wrote:
> The "backend" part is hardly onerous, and the ability to do all sorts
> of tricks makes it a pretty good macroassembler. As for relocation,
> that's why you use both P% (program counter) and O% (where the code
> will be assembled).
Right, that settles it. I'm off to have another read through my copies of
"Assembly Language Programming for the BBC Microcomputer" and the "New
Advanced User Guide". The latter happens to be very useful for low-level
hackery with the Master. Lots of fun. :-)
And while we're on the subject of BBC Micros, has anyone noticed yet? Oh, come on, ?24.99 for a Viglen dual
5.25 drive? ?4.99 for a pack of ten 5.25 disks? OK, here's what I paid for
my Master 128:
    Master 128 base unit ?0.00
    Microvitec Cub 653 monitor ?0.00
    EPSON LX-80 that still needs a new ribbon ?0.00
    Viglen dual 5.25" 40/80 track disc drive ?0.00
    Small box of ROM carts, about half working ?0.00
In fact, the only stuff I paid for was the software - I bought a box of
stuff from someone at the local Acorn Computer User Group (which in my case
is WROCC - for ?20. For my twenty quid I got fifty (IIRC)
blank discs, some Beebug software (Teletext Pack, Astaad, etc) and a load of
other stuff. She Who Must Be Obeyed wasn't too pleased, but for ?20, how
could I refuse? :-)
Still, while I've got my EPROM programmer out, anyone care to suggest some
good ROM-based software for the BBC B or Master?

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