From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 17:50:00 2003

> > I have a lead here on a TF86-BX that I'd like to take up
> > but while the seller says it is indeed a TF86 (DSSI), the drive has
> > labels on it that say TK86. My question is: are these in fact the
> > thing? I can't recall hearing of a TQK8x controller, in support
> > of his claim.

When the T?8x series started out each drive had three
"personalities". So you had the TF85 (DSSI), TZ85 (SCSI)
and TK85 (typically attached to HSC - I cannot remember the
exact interface used).

The Tx85 and Tx86 could read TK50/TK70 media but
could not be used on the earlier controllers (so
there is no TQK85 controller).

I don't think the DSSI drives went beyond TF86.
The Tx87 was the last drive to have read compatibility
with the older TK50/TK70 media. The TK87N lost that
ability (basically a cost-reduced TK87) and the 88s
and higher continued the trend.

Antonio Carlini    
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